Learn About Financing Wheelchair Vans In Texas

Most disabled individuals seek financial aid when purchasing wheelchair vans. This is largely due to the fact that handicap vans are generally more expensive than regular vehicles because of adaptive devices and equipment installed as well as additional wheelchair accessibility features. However, with some research, many people can avail of programs and are qualified for assistance from companies and institutions that provide aid to handicap individuals.

Mobility Funding For Texas Residents


The Fleetwood Memorial Foundation Grant is one of those disability grants that offer assistance to individuals who have been disabled in the line of duty as certified fire protection and law enforcement personnel in Texas. If you are have been disabled in the line of duty as indicated by the foundation, it does not solely mean you must be on paid duty. This particular grant, however, may only be availed for one-time only. Grant application can be challenging and it is very crucial to meet the application deadlines and submitting all the requested information in order to prove eligibility. It is recommended to contact the foundation for support when drawing up grant applications to avoid mistakes thus getting denied.

For disabled veterans residing in Texas, they can receive the one-time Disabled Veterans Grant payment. This is given by the Veterans Association for qualified veterans who are buying adaptive equipment and/or wheelchair vans in Texas. The VA will shoulder the amount to purchase adaptive equipment and for replacement, repair, or reinstallation needed due to the disability of the individual, as well as to ensure the safety when operating the vehicle through the assistance provided by the Veterans Association.

Likewise, children with disability can also get financial assistance from Medicare/Medicaid, the Department of Human Services, and even from local Rotary Clubs in Texas. The Bank of America also provides Access Loans designed for disabled individuals to avail of affordable and flexible terms to complete adaptive equipment and new or used vehicles with enhanced features purchases.

Other Mobility Programs in Texas

More mobility programs to assist disabled individuals in the Texas are from organizations such as the Department of Aging and Disability Services, the Paralyzed Veterans of America, the ALS Association, the National MS Society, and the National Spinal Cord Injury Association.

The Government Help

disability-fundingIf you are on SSI or Social Security Income, you can find out whether you are qualified to go be on a PASS Program. The acronym stands for Plan to Achieve Self Success. With this, a disabled individual from Texas may construct a plan to improve his or her current standard of living such as needing a wheelchair van for school or for work. The financial aid for a handicap vehicle payment is sent every month to you to facilitate payment. Depending on the price, payments are continued to be paid as a full amount or in fractions provided that to keep pursuing your goal. This is indeed quite an alternative for individuals looking for financial assistance when buying wheelchair vans in Texas.

Financing From Mobility Van Dealers in Texas

The most common financing solution in purchasing wheelchair vans in Texas is through the financing programs offered by various mobility van dealers in the Lone Star state. A credit application is deemed necessary oftentimes since wheelchair van dealers work with financial institutions to secure loans with the best interest rates for you. Mobility loans are considered for the disabled with added advantages and choices in terms of low interest rates, penalty-free early payoffs, and extended loan terms.