Wheelchair Vans and Additional Fees in Texas

The Real Cost of Wheelchair Vans in Texas

All things considered, the procurement of a wheelchair van can really be costly for most people. That is why it is a big investment and you need to know exactly what you want to meet all your disability needs. It is essential that you can make full use of your handicap vehicle in Texas to improve your quality of life.

Paying For Your Wheelchair Van

In Texas, brand new wheelchair vans from Dodge, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Chrysler, and almost every other popular make and model of mobility vans cost anywhere from $35,000 to $40,000 for base models. If you are looking to buy used wheelchair vans, it will still set you back anywhere between $20,000 to $35,000 and may already include some conversations and adjustments made to make the vehicle wheelchair accessible.

You may need to pay Texas wheelchair van dealers additional for more adaptive equipment installations should you require more accessibility features for your handicap van and also to comply with insurance and other applicable regulations. The real cost of a wheelchair van in Texas greatly depends on what type of wheelchair van you require and decide to buy.

If you need additional funding in Texas to be able to afford the wheelchair van of your choice, you can contact the Veterans Association, Fleetwood Memorial Foundation Grant, Medicare/Medicaid, the Department of Human Services, Rotary Clubs, and local wheelchair van dealers in Texas to see if you can be eligible for any financial aid. Individuals who get Social Security Income can find out if they are qualified to be on a PASS Program. The Bank of America also extends loans to disabled individuals and may well be worth checking out for any financial assistance to help you purchase you ideal wheelchair van.

Additional Expenses When Buying Wheelchair Vans

Aside from the price you need to pay for the wheelchair van, there are adaptive devices that may need to be installed for your added benefit. These will include lifts and ramps, wheelchair tie-downs, and other equipment to make the vehicle wheelchair accessible.

There are also the necessary taxes, license, title and document fees that need to be paid when buying wheelchair vans in Texas. The cost for getting your wheelchair van insured also needs to be considered. It is also recommended when trying to figure out the real cost of wheelchair vans in Texas to get a better understanding of how much any repair in the foreseeable future might cost you for the type of vehicle you choose and its accessibility accessories.

Researching thoroughly on what to get for a wheelchair van is very important in order to get the appropriate assistive devices installed on your handicap vehicle and know how much in total it will cost you.

Adaptive Driving in Texas

disabled_placardIf you are driving in Texas on your wheelchair van as an adaptive driver or transporting a handicapped individual, it is advised to get a Disabled Person placard or Disabled Person license plates. By doing so, you are entitled to special parking privileges especially designated for disabled persons. However, this privilege must not be abused or misused because it is a misdemeanor that will charge offenders a fair amount of $1,000 and/or 50 hrs of community service. For persons who are utilizing a cane, brace, or crutch for assistance or wheelchair for mobility, a blue placard is issued.