The Right Wheelchair Van Ramp Or Lift For Your Needs

Getting The Perfect Wheelchair Van Ramps Or Lifts

Once you have decided on what sort of wheelchair van in Texas is appropriate and meets all your disability needs, you will then have to consider the additional adaptive equipment you might require to improve your freedom of mobility. Such handicap devices can be installed along with conversions and modifications for your handicap vehicle by any of the several wheelchair van dealers in Texas. These adjustments are performed by highly skilled technicians to ensure your safety and protection.

Safety and Protection

Generally, wheelchair vans in Texas are equipped with additional ramps and lifts, manual or automatic, to make wheelchair mobility easier for disabled individuals. It is not only the type of wheelchair ramp or lift that matters but you have to remember that the weight of a person along with the added weight of a wheelchair and devices such as an oxygen tank must be put into consideration.

For a combined weight of less than 600 lbs, a single-arm lift is advised. For 600 – 800 lbs of combined weight, a dual-arm lift is required. However, for a combined weight exceeding 800 lbs, a customized or modified wheelchair lift is necessary for your safety.

The floors of wheelchair vans in Texas may be adjusted to make more room and space inside the mobility van. If a tall person is using the wheelchair, a lowered floor might be necessitated. Also the dimensions of the wheelchair need to be taken into account so that appropriate ramp width, lift capacities, and wheelchair tie-downs may be indicated for your handicap vehicle.

Ensuring safety and protection is very important when entering and exiting a handicap van with the aid of a wheelchair ramp or lift. Therefore, it has to be measured to meet your disability needs so that a wheelchair can roll effortlessly through the ramp or lift being utilized. That being said, the disabled individual using the wheelchair should be able to pass through the door without the need to duck his or her head in order to avoid hitting it. The driver and passengers of the mobility van should also be able to move comfortably inside.

Since wheelchair vans in Texas vary in sizes and specifications, it is vital that dimensions of your wheelchair, weight capacity, and other measurements be noted carefully to be certain that only the appropriate adaptive equipment may be installed on your wheelchair van.

The Pros and Cons of Lifts

wheelchair-van-liftHaving a platform lift makes transporting with a wheelchair more manageable and less challenging. For wheelchair bound individuals, they can easily drive the wheelchair onto the platform and once it is raised to the level of the wheelchair van’s floor, they can maneuver the wheelchair to get inside the mobility van.

The downside of having lifts that can be mounted under the van instead of inside the handicap vehicle is that it generally costs a lot to be installed. However, if you want more space inside the wheelchair van with the side door’s entry and exit clear all the time then you should go for such types of lifts. You need to remember though that it cannot be used at curbs.

Listen to Recommendations and Friendly Advice

Many wheelchair van dealers and their staff in Texas are knowledgeable about adaptive equipment that disabled individuals may require for added mobility with adaptive transportation. Recommendations and advice are given to potential buyers to make sure that the proper adjustments are made and suitable handicap devices are installed to meet your personal needs. It is recommended to speak with trained personnel for any questions you might have regarding wheelchair lifts and ramps for your wheelchair van in Texas. It is also important to listen to any recommendations they might have for your safety and protection to make your wheelchair van experience a highly enjoyable one that greatly improves your quality of life.