Reviewed: Dodge Wheelchair Vans Offer New Lease On Life

An old but highly trusted brand is the Dodge and it offers wonderful wheelchair vans in Texas that is popular among disabled individuals. Dodge has produced versatile minivans that can be converted into mobility vans suited for wheelchair bound passengers and handicapped individuals. The Dodge Grand Caravan is also equipped with hand controls and a transfer seat for maximum independence. You can also install lifts, ramps, and tie-downs for wheelchairs for added mobility.

Purchasing and Financing Dodge Wheelchair Vans in Texas

dodge-interiorGetting an older model of a Dodge wheelchair van in Texas can save you a lot of money but it is advisable to get the newer models of Dodge Grand Caravans for added safety features and for your protection. There are new sets of features that can only be found in the 2011 models which have been voted by Consumers Digest in 2011 as “Best Buy” and awarded by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety with the highest rating for both frontal and side collisions. However, it all depends on your budget and financial capabilities. Choosing a Dodge wheelchair van in Texas for your adaptive transportation is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

When buying Dodge wheelchair vans in Texas, we are talking about $20,000 – $40,000 in price range that does not include taxes, fees, and licenses. Should you need additional handicap devices, you will have to spend for it, although Dodge offers wheelchair van users in Texas a maximum of $1,000 rebate for conversion on new Dodge vehicles.

The Veterans Association, Bank of America, Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, the Department of Human Services, the Fleetwood Memorial Foundation Grant, and various local Rotary Clubs in Texas can give you financial aid towards the purchase of a Dodge wheelchair van and any additional adaptive equipment.

If you want a side-entry wheelchair van in Texas, the Dodge Grand Caravan would be the perfect choice. This particular model is well-known for its capability for lowered floor/ramp-type modifications. Just take note of the particular weight capacity limitations for Dodge wheelchair vans. These conversions can be performed by leading manufacturers such as BraunAbility, VMI, Eldorado, and Viewpoint Mobility. Installations for a foldout ramp or the infloor ramp are recommended.

Selling Dodge Wheelchair Vans in Texas

You can easily upgrade to a newer model of a Dodge Caravan by trading in your vehicle with wheelchair van dealers in Texas. Once your existing vehicle is assessed, you can negotiate your price and enjoy a trade-in offer by these wheelchair van dealers. You can sell your Dodge wheelchair van through direct selling, local classifieds, and online auctions and listings if you prefer.

Don’t forget to find out any state requirements in Texas for selling wheelchair vans and get your documents in order. It is wise to keep old receipts so you can turn them over to the new owner and also prepare the transfer of title and smog certification. Before you sell your Dodge wheelchair van, clean it inside and out thoroughly. For what it is worth, throw in a nice new air freshener inside your mobility van to make it more pleasing for potential wheelchair van buyers in Texas.

Maintenance and Service of Dodge Wheelchair Vans in Texas


Whether you have plans of selling your handicap vehicle in the future or not, it is very important to carry out standard maintenance checks on your Dodge wheelchair van in Texas which are performed by skilled technicians and wheelchair van dealers. The secret of keeping any vehicle including Dodge wheelchair vans running in optimum condition is by regularly changing fluids. A simple oil change and checking of tire pressures habitually helps in the long run.