Review: Award Winning Honda Wheelchair Vans in Texas

An Award-Winning Wheelchair Van

interior-hondaDisabled individuals have different needs when it comes to transportation. Adaptive driving requires adjustments and modifications for freedom of mobility. Honda wheelchair vans in Texas offer excellent safety and protection to handicap users and NHTSA has awarded Honda with a 5-star crash test rating for both frontal and side collision.

The 2011 Honda Odyssey has been voted by Motor Week as “Driver’s Choice, Best Minivan” for 2011. It also received the Residual Value Award for Best MPV by AGL for 2011. These simply tell us that Honda is one of the best choices when it comes to wheelchair van manufacturers and you can’t go wrong choosing a Honda Odyssey as a mobility van.

Buying and Selling Honda Wheelchair Vans

Knowing that you will be purchasing a wheelchair van in Texas that has garnered many awards such as the Honda Odyssey guarantees you satisfaction in driving and operating a handicap vehicle. The price for Honda wheelchair vans starts at $26,805 and goes all the way up to $40,755 for base models excluding taxes, licenses, and registrations.

Mobility vans are designed specifically so you can install additional adaptive equipment for wheelchair accessibility and to meet all our disability needs. Conversions for Honda wheelchair vans in Texas are generally done by BraunAbility, VMI, or Viewpoint Mobility. Note that rear-entry conversions are more inexpensive to obtain; however, you should consult with wheelchair van dealers to get advice on suitable conversions and appropriate handicap devices for you.

Furthermore, when buying or selling used Honda wheelchair vans, you can also get in touch with wheelchair van dealers in Texas that can provide you with an evaluation of your handicap vehicle. Selling pre-loved Honda wheelchair van is easier when coursed through wheelchair van dealers in Texas as it saves you the time and effort you will have to extend when doing so via direct selling, online listing and auctions, or classified ads.

Additional Funding for Honda Wheelchair Vans

The cost of purchasing wheelchair vans and additional adaptive equipment installation in Texas can be steep for most people. Hence, it is good to know that Honda gives back up to $1000 as reimbursement to eligible buyer when they install adaptive devices on their new Honda wheelchair van.

Should you find yourself short of money to spend for a wheelchair van purchase or need additional funds for the acquisition of a Honda wheelchair van, you can try to investigate if you are qualified for any financial assistance from various organizations like the Veterans Association, Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, the Department of Human Services, Bank of America, the Fleetwood Memorial Foundation Grant, and various local Rotary Clubs in Texas.

You will be surprised to know that such organizations in Texas are able to assist you to get that dream Honda wheelchair van you have always wanted to improve your quality of life.

Maintaining and Servicing Honda Wheelchair Vans

side-rampBig investments like wheelchair vans need to be looked after. Like any other vehicle, its life span can be improved and the cost for repairs in the future can be avoided with regular maintaining and servicing. Honda wheelchair vans in Texas that come with conversions and adaptive equipment need to be checked regularly for any malfunctioning parts for the safety and protection of its users.

Standard checks can be performed by most wheelchair van dealers in Texas and are carried out by skilled technicians. Getting your mobility van serviced should give you peace of mind when driving your Honda wheelchair van knowing that all the parts are working properly and you are operating a handicap vehicle in optimum condition.