Reviewed : All About Ford Wheelchair Vans in Texas

Ford Wheelchaier Vans Are Everywhere in Texas

Everywhere you go, Ford is one of the most popular brands and this includes wheelchair vans frequently seen in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, medical buildings, and even in garages of many American households in Texas. Every so often, we see Ford handicap vans in Texas that serve as wheelchair shuttle buses in extended or standard length. A lot of residents in Texas prefer Ford handicap vehicles apparently for its size and various adjustments that can be made during conversions.

Conversions of Ford wheelchair vans in Texas are done by renowned manufacturers like Braun Entervans, Vantage (VMI) Summits and Northstars, IMS Rampvans, ElDorado Amerivans, and Viewpoint Mobility. The Ford E-Series E-250 and E-350 vans are capable of being modified to have raised doors, lowered floors, and raised roofs.

The Price is Right

ford-rearWhen it comes to pricing for the base model of Ford E-series wheelchair vans in Texas, you will be pleased to know you can get one starting at $28,760 and up to $35,620. The price gets higher also as you choose a handicap van with a higher Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. A lot of Texas residents purchase either the Ford E-150 or the E-250 handicap van model. You can choose a one that has a basic interior or one that comes with a lavish interior.

Lately, there are a number of Ford Tuscany vans in Texas which are gaining popularity among disabled individuals and adaptive drivers in the state. The Ford Tuscany handicap vehicles are split into different models; namely, the Echelon, the SE Series, the E Value/E Plus Series full-sized mobility vehicles.

Ford Wheelchair Van Dealers in Texas

To get the most suitable Ford wheelchair van in Texas, potential buyers are advised to contact wheelchair van dealers in the Lone Star state for consultation. They can help determine whether a full sized van or a minivan will meet your personal needs. Wheelchair van dealers in Texas can also assist in getting financial aid and other funding to purchase Ford mobility vans.

If you want to sell an older Ford wheelchair van model or wish to get a newer Ford handicap vehicle, you can also get in touch with wheelchair van dealers in Texas for an evaluation of your mobility van or avail of existing trade-in programs that they may be offering. The easiest way to sell your Ford wheelchair van is through the assistance of wheelchair van dealers in Texas. Although you can do so via direct selling, classifieds, or online listings and auctions, it will take some time and a lot of effort to sell your Ford wheelchair van.

Funding For Ford Wheelchair Vans

If you find yourself needing additional funding to purchase a Ford wheelchair van in Texas, you can investigate and check for qualifications from the Veterans Association, Bank of America, Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, the Department of Human Services, the Fleetwood Memorial Foundation Grant, and various local Rotary Clubs in Texas to be eligible for any financial aid. These organizations help disabled individuals in Texas buy wheelchair vans and install adaptive equipment to get the freedom of mobility that you desire.

There is also the existing Mobility Motoring Program offered by Ford with reimbursements up to $1000 for adaptive device installations on new Ford wheelchair vans. Ford also provides a $200 refund for alerting devices installed on new vehicle purchases or leases.

Servicing Ford Wheelchair Vans in Texas

ford-side-liftVehicles that are well maintained and regularly service truly lasts longer and including Ford wheelchair vans in Texas. Handicap vehicles also have additional adaptive equipment installed that require standard check-ups to make sure they are working properly for your safety and protection. Maintaining and servicing your wheelchair van in Texas need not be a difficult task because there are many mobility van dealers in Texas that can accommodate your needs. They have skilled technicians that can perform all check-ups and repairs that may arise. It is very important to keep your Ford wheelchair van in Texas as well as handicap devices installed in optimum running condition.